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Minor Pairings

Mix and match

Minor Pairings of Harry Potter
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Pairing Challenge: Merry Month of Minerva-- McGonagall/Any Character

(Challenge Rules)

This community is a place that is all about the minor pairings of Harry Potter! Here’s what you will find...

*Icons *Fanfic *Fanart
*Drabbles *Challenges *Fic Recs
*Discussions and Essays *Songs and Poems

...all dealing with - you guessed it! - MINOR PAIRINGS! Intrigued? We thought so. ;)

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General Rules

1. This is only a place for rare/minor pairings. Thus, the following pairings are not accepted here. Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Severus/Remus, or Sirius/Remus. Everything else is fair game.

2. If you do not like a specific pairing that is being discussed, etc. here, deal with it. Similarly, ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING. If you do not like a certain thing, express it in a nice way. Any flaming for ANY REASON will result in the flamer being kicked out of the community.

3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :)


Posting Rules
1. Please include what you are going to be posting in your subject heading. Eg. FIC, ART, ICONS, DRABBLE, etc.

2. Icons:
~ Before lj-cutting to your icons, make sure you post this:
- How many icons are in your post
- What pairings the icons are (remember, minor pairings only, please!)

3. Fic/Art/Discussions/Essays:
~ These can be any rating and any minor pairing(s)! Please indicate both of these in your post
~ If your work includes a not-so-minor pairing, that is fine as long as the not-so-minor pairing is in the background.

4. Recommendations:
~ Same rules as above
~ Please include the following in your post:

- Title of Fic/Art/Whatever
- Creator of Fic/Art/Whatever
- Why You Recommend the Fic/Art/Whatever
- Link to Fic/Art/Whatever


Pairing Challenge
Halfway through each month, I will post a challenge to create fannish things based on one specific rarepair. Fic, art, icons, essays... whatever you want, as long as it's your creation and the challenge pairing is in the forefront. You are more than welcome to post previously-created fannish things. If the Pairing Challenge is Marcus/Oliver and you wrote a M/O last year, by all means post it, just let us know in the author's notes that it's not brand new!

Please include "PAIRING CHALLENGE" in your header!

You can also recommend fic/art/icons/essays etc. that foreground the challenge pairing.

Monthly Challenge
At the beginning of each month, a challenge prompt will be issued. This can range from a word to a line of poetry to an image and beyond. For the duration of the challenge ONLY, fic, art, icons, essays, etc., that revolve around the challenge prompt may be posted.

Please include "MONTHLY CHALLENGE" in your header!

Community members are more than welcome to issue their own challenges (or to email me with challenge ideas!) whenever they'd like for as long as they like, as long as they comply with the community rules. Icons, wallpaper, layouts, mood themes, fic, art, essays... go nuts and have fun with it!
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