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Minor Pairings

Sign-ups are open for the HP Concrit Fest

Minor Pairings of Harry Potter

Animated 3

Sign-ups are open for the HP Concrit Fest

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ink and quill

Sign-ups are open
for the hp_concrit_fest

All pairings & gen, all genres, all ratings!

A safe place for critique: The fest is members-only and takes places in a closed community.
Give and take: Only people who participate can comment.
Critical feedback is mandatory: No chickening out. Everybody has to give critical feedback on at least half of the fest entries.
We know each other: There is no anon participation.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (if you want to): There is a two-step Reveal: a full Masterlist that is for participants only; and a Public Reveal where participants decide how and if they want their entry (with comments) included or not.

For details on the fest, please check out the Rules & FAQ.

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